Lessons for 4th Grade

There are 4 lessons available that were designed for 4th grade.

From Center for Civic Education

Grades 3-4
Introduction to the Preamble's ideas and importance.
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From Constitutional Rights Foundation

A Visitor from Outer Space
In this lesson, students must reach consensus on the rights they value most. (From V.O.I.C.E., Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago. Also available for grades 5B12 as a PowerPoint lesson.)
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Mr. Madison Needs Some Help
Here are three lessons to choose from or implement as a unit. The first lesson provides background on the Constitution, the second engages students in helping James Madison develop a Bill of Rights, and the third focuses on the First Amendment. (From Adventures in Law and History, Vol. II)
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Trouble in Gold Flats
In a series of four lessons, students visit a hypothetical gold-mining camp of the 1800s and learn about the need for fair and enforceable laws and the basic structures of government. (From Adventures in Law and History, Vol. I)
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